I’m in love, but let’s not talk about it. There’s so much to tell you.

So today, for the fist time, I got a compliment that actually startled me.

^I just realized how cocky and gross that sounded.  I don’t mean to be cocky, at all- i just normally don’t take well to compliments, nor do I get them that often.


We, and by ‘we,’ i mean the 5 of us, were outside for our 15 minute break during our class, ( the class is over 3 hours long, so they give us time to potty and such, ) and some girl turned to me and smiled.  She said that I reminded her of Liz, from My Life as Liz-  I was completely at a loss for words.

Liz is absolutely beautiful.  I didn’t know how to react, so I smiled politely and said thank you, while on the inside I looked like this :

image and my brain was all, “ jfdksafjkladsfjkldsfklashfdjklsaOMGahjfksdfhkdaslfhlskdfhsjakldhaks”

In addition to that, my roommates and I went on a crazy adventure to shoprite to waste our money on food so we can all get fat.  The product?




it was truly an adventure.  


I couldn’t have asked for better roommates.

On the more melancholy side of the night, we thought  we were going to late night dining with our *crosses fingers* new friend Dylan.  But little did we know we were going with a crazy big group.  It was really awkward, and none of us really had fun.

On the way there, we (my roommates and I) were talking about having babies, and I brought up when my biology teacher told me my pelvis would crack if i had babies.

…sometimes, i don’t realize how loud i speak.

Long story short: we have a hard time making friends. >_>

so thank you, Mrs.Sheldon, for ruining my chances of making friends because you had to tell me that if I had kids, my pelvis would break.    Can you say BLAMESHIFT?

so yes.  That’s my night.  Get on my level.

p.s.  red lipstick?



i do what i want, son. <3

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